OfMariaAntonia 2018 Photography Challenge–“It’s Pretty”

Joining Maria Antonia in her 2018 Photo Challenge with “IT’S PRETTY.”

Photo: Victoria Slotto

Photo: Victoria Slotto


Reflection–OfMariaAntonia 2018 Photography Challenge

Linking these photos to Maria Antonia’s 2018 Photography Challenge:

Photo: David Slotto–Quan Yin

Photo: Victoria Slotto
The Last Rose of Summer

Photo: D. Slotto

Pattern–Cee Neuner’s B&W

Winter–Of Maria Antonia’s 2018 Photography Challenge

Aiming to be on time today for the #2018pickoftheweek challenge hosted by Maria Antonia. For this week I have chosen WINTER.

Photo: David Slotto Christmas, Reno


Photo: David Slotto–Reno


Photo: Victoria Slotto
Winter–Palm Desert


OfMariaAntonia’s Poetry Challenge–Wooden

Posting a photo for Maria Antonia’s 2018 Photo Challenge using the prompt WOODEN. This fun prompt allows us to choose from a list of 52 topics. Check it out.

Photo: Victoria Slotto

This is a close up of a wooden fence in my neighborhood.

On the Shelf–Of Maria Antonia, Photo Challenge 2018

I enjoy this challenge because Maria Antonia allows us to pick from her list of items and post whichever one pleases us. I better start working on some of the more difficult items but for today, it is “On the Shelf.”

Photo: Victoria Slotto

The Letter V–Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

This week’s Fun Foto Challenge, offered by Cee, needs to start with the letter V and have at least 6 letters. Pitiful, I know, but it’s the only “thing” I can think of.


Photo: David Slotto

Architecture–Of Maria Antonia’s Weekly Prompt

It’s not Saturday and it’s already Week 2, so I’m late in every aspect of this prompt–but I want to get on board, so here’s my first entry for Maria Antonia’s 2018 Photo Challenge where you may pick any of the 52 prompts she offers, until you get through all of them. This is the chapel of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. The theme is Architecture.

Photo: David Slotto

Corners: Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

Joining Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge for the first time with the prompt of CORNERS. I was on my back in our living room, stretching, when I noticed all the angles and that turned out to be perfect for this prompt. I need to work on contrast.

Photo: Victoria Slotto

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: need to have letters O and U both in the word.

Photo: Slotto

Super Moon
David Slotto

Hound Dog!
David Slotto

Victoria Slotto