Half Light

Photo: David Slotto

Photo: David Slotto

if i were a lily, i would wait all day

for the gentle nudge of a summer breeze
bending me to its will

for the luminous glimpse of a ruby throat
sated by my nectar

for the heady scent of a neighboring rose
gracing me with her presence

for the taste of rain that falls at last
to soften thirsting earth

for the setting sun that signals the end
of my brief but beautiful life

i would fall to earth, become one with her
surrender, await the unknown

Victoria Slotto

The title is taken from Mary Oliver, Published in A Thousand Mornings: Poems–The poem is mine, inspired by Oliver. Because of copyright laws, I’ve chosen not to reproduce Oliver’s poem. I frequently turn to lines from another poet to use as an inspiration for my own poetry–Mary Oliver being my favorite.

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