Red–52 Weeks Photo Challenge

I just discovered the 52 Week Photo Challenge, thanks to a post by Cee, so here is my submission for RED. Coincidentally, I used this photo for a poem I posted today on my poetry blog!

Photo: Victoria Slotto

Photo: Victoria Slotto


in awe-tinged silence
i watch petals unfurl
opening upon beauty
cached withinโ€”
softness charged with
life-giving energy.

sun glows
through flower-skin,
brings to mind
moments we shared
in the desert,
garden-joy i cherish.

would that i could
unlock memories
hidden within
your beautiful soul.

The poem is in the form of a Quadrille–that is, exactly 44 wordsno more, no less. Today, the word to be included was OPEN. If you write poetry, we would love to have you join us at dVerse Poets’ Pub.

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